Wallpapers are the images you see on your computer or laptop screen when you switch them on. You can easily change those images with other new images. I love clicking pictures and sharing high resolution images for wallpapers. So if you are looking for free wallpapers scroll below for links!

Remember, these are all high resolution wallpapers and thus big files. If you have old computer with limited RAM, you may need to downsize these images before using them as wallpapers!


No funny ads, no spyware, beautiful, completely free and high resolution!

Monsoon in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, India - 16 free Wall-papers for calm and tranquillity

Boats from around the world - 25 amazing new wallpapers

Waterbirds: 20 wallpapers with ducks and lakes

Flowers: 20 New stunning flower wallpapers


1. On your computer or laptop screen click with the right button of the mouse. A menu will open, choose "Properties" from that menu. A box will open on your screen. On the top of this box, click on the "Desktop" tab and it will show the image on your computer screen. Below the image on right side you will see a box "Browse" - click there and it will show you the folder where your computer keeps all the images that you can use as wallpapers. Take note of this folder and make sure that you know how to reach that folder (usually called "My pictures").

2. When you find an image on internet that you want to use as a wallpaper, right click on it with your mouse and select "save image as", then save this image in the folder where your computer keeps the wallpaper images.

3. Now changing images on your desktop is easy - repeat the steps shown above to open the property box and then desktop tab and then select the image you wish. You can also decide if you wish the image in the centre or stretched or to one side.

4. If it seems complicated, give it one try and soon you will get the hang of it!


These are high-resolution images and you can also use them in many other ways! You are welcome.

If you do use these images for your blogs or webpages, do remember to give links to the blogpost from where you have taken the image.

Acknowledge that these are "Images of Dr Sunil Deepak". Thank you for your courtsey.


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