Documentary Films & Festivals

Queer films and Theatre festival - DIQTFF 2016

Among the believers - The soul-poison of religion - review of documentary by Hemal Trivedi
Bedouins of Negev - interview with film-maker Linda Paganelli
International festival of transsexual films part 1 - Part 2
Becoming a woman
Fatal assistance - recontruction chaos in Haiti
Eu Não Quero Voltar SozinhoA different teenage love story
Marta's suitcase - carrying pain and fear
When Bubbles Burst - about economic crisis
The Defector - leaving N. Korea
Unfortunately, God loves Uganda
Powerless - the ironman and the goddess
Blood on fire by Dylan Mohan Gray
Short films at Trans film festival of Bologna, 2013
Sexing the transman - path to manhood, film review
Divergenti - International trans film festival of Bologna
Mindscapes of sexuality - documentary film review
Films at Human Rights Night film festival
Behind barbed wires - HRN Film festival, Bologna
Crossing borders - HRN Film Festival, Bologna
A symphony for Mumbai - 7 islands and a metro by Madhushree Dutta

Films from Around the World

Pink boy and Tom girl - films about gender fluidityBlurring the gender boundaries - Pedro Almodovar's film "The skin I live in"
Ivan's Childhood and The Guide - Two films about children and nationalism

Bollywood Films and Film-Makers from India

The adventures of the Indian Tintin, Jagga Jasoos
Leela Naidu - The Person Behind The Image
Do films influence people - smoking in films
Swami - lover boy or my lord, film review
Matru, Bijlee and Bhardwaj's Nautanki, review
The Amitabh encounter - press conference of Amitabh Bachchan
Waiting for Bachchan ji - AB at Florence film festival
Jasoos - remembering our desi spy in Hindi films
The hurt syndrome - protesting against films
Film director Onir - Florence interviews
Rahul Bose - Florence interviews
Aparna Sen - Florence interviews
Reliving teenage dreams - Florence film festival
The hero and the villain - review of Ravan
Hasn't mother already seen it all - Pankh
Kurbaan and the Muslim reality
Masala addiction - addicted to Bollywood films
Spirit of Delhi in the Bollywood films

Italian Films

Films of Orzan Ozpetek

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