I am Sunil Deepak, a doctor from India. I divide my time between Italy and India.

For about three decades, I lived in Bologna (Italy) and worked at international level with AIFO/Italy and with the World Health Organisation (WHO). In June 2014 I came back to India for 2 years. During this period, I was based in Guwahati (Assam) where I was working as head of north-east office of Mobility India.

I continue to collaborate with NGOs active in the field of leprosy, disability and community health. My areas of work are disability, rehabilitation, leprosy, training, research and evaluation. If you are interested in my professional work, you can download some of my research papers and publications.

If you are looking for technical support in the areas of leprosy, health and disability, especially regarding training, research and monitoring/evaluations and feel that I can be useful, contact me at sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com 

I have a passion for reading, writing, nature, archaeology, history, museums, art, culture, dance, music, bicycle ... and very especially for photography.

This blog presents some of my writings about travels, books, films (mainly documentary films), sexuality issues, and my work. Images are a special part of my work on this blog.


In 2004-05, when I bought my first digital camera, I discovered that I loved clicking pictures. My work gave me endless opportunities to develop this passion.

Between 1988 and 2014, I travelled around the world for my work with an international humanitarian organisation called AIFO/Italy. My travels gave me new opportunities for visiting remote villages and small cities in different countries, places where tourists rarely reach. Now my international travels are less frequent, but I continue to explore the world, especially India and Italy.

The best part of my work has been that I got to meet people who are trying to make a positive change - they help others - persons without voice to speak, to fight for human rights, to help others become self-reliant, to help others to have skills and education.

My photographs have been used for books, magazines, calendars and exhibitions in different countries.


I started with a Kodak Easyshare camera in 2004, I lost it in Ecuador in 2005 but then bought another similar camera and used it till 2009.

In 2009, I bought my first SLR camera (Nikon D40). Now I have a Canon EOS 600D.


I am all for open access and sharing, so feel free to use any of my images that you find on internet.If you use my pictures, I will appreciate that you give credit to me. If you use my pictures as part of a larger creative work, I will appreciate knowing about it.

I am happy to share my pictures (also in in high resolution) free of cost with people. If you wish to use them for your blogs or websites or other creative work, do write to me.

You can write to me at sunil.deepak(at)gmail.com.

Thanks for your patience in reading all this. I hope you will like looking at the world through my eyes!



  1. You seem to be a doctor with a human touch , which many doctors lack . It is very good that you like writing and photography . But I would appreciate if you write in Hindi .

    1. सुधेश जी मेज़ हिंदी में भी लिखता हूँ मेरे हिंदी ब्लॉग का नाम है जो न कह सके - http://jonakehsake.blogspot.com/ :))


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