Here are my posts about art and artists

(1) Italian sculptor duo - Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani

Artists working together and influencing each other - Nicola and Sara

Art for public spaces - Nicola Zamboni

India inspired works of Sara Bolzani

Meet the artists - Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani

(2) Music, Dance, Costumes and Performing Arts

Theater and Photography workshop

The dancing gods of Theyyam in Kerala

Dancing in Assam - Traditional Music, Theatre & Dances in Assam (India)

Actors prepare - From Ravan to Mahatma Gandhi (October 2016)

The Trampolieri stilt walkers of Bologna part 1 - Part 2 (2012-13)

The meaning of dance

Down the music memory lane - my best images about music from around the world

(3) Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Visual Arts

Papermade and the paper art exhibition in Schio (1) - Papermade (2)

Hassan Sharif's art of assembling common things at the Venice Biennale

Beautiful sculptures about sports, gymnastics and yoga from around the world

Shiva icons across the centuries at the national museum in Delhi

Discovering John Latham's art at the Venice Biennale

Around the world with 80 cows - cows and cow sculptures from around the world

Mario Converio and his iron sculptures

Meet the artist and sculptor Corrado Meneguzzo

The graphic-arts collection of Casabianca museum (Italy)

Looking for science in renaissance period art in Bologna (Italy)

Art and culture in Fort Kochi (India)

Easter in the arts and sculptures from different parts of the world

The painted walls of Dozza (Italy)

Rock-art of early humans at Bhimbethka in Madhya Pradesh (India)

Exploring Kochi Art Biennale 2016-17 (Kerala, India)

Writers and books celebrated through art and sculpture - a photo-essay

The world of wall-paintings

My best images of horses

Terracotta dreams in Bologna

(4) Photography

Theater and Photography workshop (May 2017)

The Photography menace (July 2016)

The photographer of famous persons - Madan Mahatta

Zen of Photography

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