These are my posts from most recent to the old, on the issues related to sexuality:

Pink boy and Tom Girl - short films about gender-fluid children

Blurring the gender boundaries - Pedro Almodovar's film "The skin I live in"

Queer films and theatre - DIQTFF 2016

Discussions about sexualities at the Times Lit Fest 2016 in Mumbai

Traditional Transgender Communities and the Indian Bill on Rights of TG Persons

Doctors and Alternate Sexualities

Shiva-Kali and Krishna-Radha myths and their exploration of human sexuality

Queer Pride Delhi - 5 Years later

Understanding Indian love lives

International festival of transsexual films part 1 - Part 2

Transitions and sexual identities

Becoming a woman - Transformation from a boy to a girl

I don't want to be alone - a different teenage love story

The abusers and the lynching mobs

Trans-gender persons and media

Short films at Trans film festival

Sexing the trans-man - the path to manhood

International Trans film festival 2013

Families on Noah's ark - alternate sexualities and families

Mindscapes of desire - disability and sexuality

Different world views of human sexuality

Hasn't mother already seen it all?

Delhi's coming out parade

Sexuality in Pelagio Pelagi art collection

National GLBT Pride Parade, Bologna, 2008

Age and desireability

Sex and hypocrisy

The tragedy of being a sex symbol

Sex and the gods

Violence of language

Films of Ferzan Ozpetek

Funny chocolates cause scandal in Bologna

Body paints - hiding the body

Against nature

Bent nail syndrome

Development of sexuality

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