Saturday, 28 May 2005

Hindi film reviews on internet

I am writing this post in Rome on the portable computer.

I have just finished reading the reviews of Bunty & Babli and I don't know whom to believe. says it is a wonderful film, a must watch. Indiafm and Smashits both say that it is a let down and it will be a failure at box office. Indiafm is quite strongly against the film, their review says that the film has started well with housefulls but soon it will a failure and AB will not have a future as a solo hero.

It was completely opposite the last week when "Naina" had came out. Indiafm went on for days and days with articles about how good the film is, what a wonderful actress Urmila is, etc. but for it was a bad copy of a hollywood flick.

Wonder if these websites get contracts for publicity of films, so if they get the contract they praise it and if rivals get it, they tear it down?


Sunil Dutt is dead. I remember meeting him in 1968, near Kutub Minar. They were shooting for Gauri. It was a song with, Sunil Dutt and Mumtaz, walking down a small hill with a gumbaj behind them, Dil mera tumhari adayaein le gayin..

Mumtaz had started the transformation but was still not the solo heroine. Gauri had Nutan as heroine.


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