Friday, 8 July 2005

Bombs in London

Yesterday, when the news of bomb blasts in London came, it suddenly brought back the anguish of 11 september 2001. Except this time, I was safely at home since I had the good fortune of coming back from London a day earlier.

Just twenty four hours earlier, on 6th July morning, around the timing of the bombings, I had travelled on Hammersmith and city line for going to Liverpool street station, passing through Edgeware road and King's cross.

To see those names on the BBC's website and the pictures of persons walking in the tunnels was terrible. Actually I have never been too keen on travelling by underground, especially when you have to go one or two levels under ground, but there is not much choice since it is fastest way to get around in London. However, next time in London, there will be a little fear on travelling by underground.

11 September 2001 was worse since that day I was supposed to travel to Lebanon while mummy was traveling to Washington. My flights were first diverted to Milan and later I was sent back to Bologna while mummy had been diverted to Canada and for days we had no news about her. The global village brings with it new forms of terror and anguish.


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