Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The book with the green cover

I finally read Jen Campbell's "Weird things customers say in bookshops". It seems that the book has had a fair bit of success. It is like reading a book of jokes and has just 56 pages, so it is very easy to read. And it made me laugh so much, and made me remember some of the not-very-intelligent things I have said while looking for books in shops!

Jen Campbell's book cover

I hate shopping, but I can spend hours in book shops and libraries. Here are 3 of my favorite "sayings" from this book. The first one is something I think that my wife can ask:
Do you have any books in this shade of green, to match the wrapping paper I've bought?
The next one is something I whole-heartedly agree with:
What's this "literary criticism" section? Is it for books that complain about other books?
This one is a bit macabre and cruel, but sometimes we can be forgetful!
Hi, I just wanted to ask did Anne Frank ever write a sequel?
And finally this one - I think that even I have asked this kind of question in book shops!
I read a book in the sixties. I don't remember the author or the title. But it was green and it made me laugh. Do you know which one I mean?
Not all of the book is really funny and some of the jokes, I just didn't get them. Like the ones about kids that run amok in shops and their parents who can't control them. I mean, that is not so funny, it is just plain stupidity of the parents. Still there were enough quips in it to make me laugh out loud, that made my wife come and ask me, "Which book is it?"

So if you can get your hands on this one, do not miss it!



  1. hehe had a good laugh !!! Nice post!

    -Shilpi Dutta

    1. Thanks Shilpa. This was just an appettizer - check the main course :)

  2. Seems interesting! I am sure it will be available in all book-stores :-)

  3. Savita, actually someone told me that book 1 (which is the one I had read) is available for free download on internet :) - do a google search first :)


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